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We strive to meet the needs of our clients and ask that assist requests are made 3 days in advance when at all possible. However we do take calls for same day or next day appointments with a minimal fee attached and commit when we are  able.

  • 28’ to 40’ ladders available

  • Specializing in steep roofs. Rope and harness certified for steep roof access.

  • Team members use their own equipment to perform services.
  • Our assists provide diagrams and measurements to the nearest inch when needed.
  • Ridge shingles and all roof components are listed out.  
  • Multiple layer and roof pitch photo verification.
  • All documentation provided by Ladder Assist Team is verified and approved by the adjuster before our team member leaves a risk location.
  • Full risk location inspections without adjuster present are available. All documentation is sent up for adjuster to write estimate (as we do not provide estimate writing).
  • Mobile Teams available for deployment to most any area within the United States for catastrophic events.
  • If specific locations are needed in areas we are not yet in, please phone our office.

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