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Ladder Assist Team was formed to help relieve the liability on Insurance companies created when using Roofing Contractors for Ladder Access / Assists and damage documentation.

We are comprised of a group of former property adjusters and trained professionals who appreciate and recognize the needs of the insurance companies and their field adjusters. We work with the adjuster to collect the accurate data needed to complete his/her estimate. We help speed up the claim writing process for the adjuster while at the loss location to help the carrier provide better customer service. The documentation we supply helps reduce supplemental requests and streamlines any supplements that are needed.

Our standards of quality are consistent on each assists. We welcome and even request feedback from our clients as our goal is to maintain the quality of service we provide. We are a ladder assist company only. We hold no positions or relationships with any construction or roofing companies. We also make no coverage decisions or carry out any business with the insured.

All assists are certified in ladder safety and Ladder Assist Team LLC carries General Liability.

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